Hi, I’m Danielle. I shoot people.

I’ve practiced photography for about 10 years - always with a heavy interest in portraiture. I think some of the beautiful images are those candid and in-between moments - that’s what I aim to capture. I love to produce natural, artistic, and timeless images so that you can feel the emotion and see the life in them. My photography and editing style is dramatic, slightly warm, timeless + true colors. I’m a big believer in capturing the likeness of real-life and staying away from fleeting trends.

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Capturing imperfection, perfectly.

On a more personal level

I’m a child of agriculture in the beautiful state of Ohio. I’ve seen far more chickens in my life than I'll ever see people. I’m a mother to a houndsome Catahoula x Aussie mix Rogan, a rescued cat Nelson, and 17 backyard chickens who remain nameless. I had my first human baby in 2023 which made me a 'real' mom. I'm pretty excited about him. I’m an avid DIY'er and a lover of travel. I have a huge family, I have 64 first cousins (and growing). I am often described as spontaneous, resourceful, creative, and independent. I describe myself as hilarious, but that claim is yet to be independently verified. I’m a lover of Texas-Country music like Whiskey Myers, Colter Wall, and Zach Bryan. I LOVE the Indigo playlist on Spotify.

Growing up, I knew I wanted to be some kind of artist. I dabbled in nearly all the major arts until I found something that stuck. Once I used my first amateur camera, I was hooked. I’d find myself trying to snap pictures of everything, and I mean everything. I’ve always gravitated toward portraiture and a documentary style, but as my desire for travel and nature grew, I’m finding Adventure Elopement Photography is where I hope to land in this big world.

I’m a huge believer in vibes. I think if you connect with your photographer it drastically elevates your experience, and it is so clearly translated in your gallery.

Ellie + Alex // Panama City Beach, FL

Even my husband had fun. He has a real smile and I love our pictures. We will definitely be repeat clients.

Olivia + Brendan // Holland, MI

My husband and I LOOOOOOOVE our gallery! (Elopement). The experience was so amazing and Danielle captured the perfect blend of posed and candid photos. I feel like my day was captured perfectly.

Taylor // Cincinnati, OH

It’s one thing to be a great photographer who’s able to capture the best shots. It’s another thing for someone to be able to bring that inner model. You’re so encouraging & made all the difference.