Lakeside Engagement with a Furry Friend

Photographing Jessica and Josh's engagement session was an amazing experience - they are a fantastic couple to work with! These two have been together for 7 years and are set to tie the knot on September 30th, 2023 by Hidden Valley Lake. For their engagement session, we headed to the lake inside Mitchell Memorial Park so that it would complement and mirror their wedding day.

One of the best parts of the session was their adorable dog, Axle who came along for the ride! He was incredibly well-behaved and even wore a bandana that said "My humans are getting married" - how cute is that? He added an extra level of love and happiness to the shoot, and I'm so glad we were able to capture some photos of all three of them together.

Jessica and Josh were so natural and comfortable in front of the camera, and their love for each other was truly infectious. We started off by taking some shots of them walking along the lake, hand in hand. Then we moved on to some posed shots, including some with their furry friend.

Capturing Memories

The lighting was perfect that day, and we were able to capture some truly beautiful moments. The lake provided a stunning backdrop, and the staggered trees off to the side added the perfect amount of variety and an extra touch of magic to the photos.

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Jess + Josh at Mitchell Memorial Park

Overall, the session was a lot of fun, and I'm so happy with how the photos turned out. Jessica and Josh are such a wonderful couple, and it was an honor to capture their love on camera. I can't wait to be there to capture their big day and see all the special moments they will share.

If you're looking for inspiration for your own engagement session, take a page out of Jessica and Josh's book! Include your furry friend if possible, pick a location that's meaningful to you, and don't be afraid to let your love shine through in the photos. You'll end up with beautiful, heartfelt memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.